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3D partners with you to become your advocate for every aspect of the project and are available 24/7. Changes to the projects scope happen daily, we dedicate 100% of our time to your program. Collaboration is key, we excel at navigating the broad range of regulatory, technical, financial and schedule challenges with creative problem solving, strong ethical work guidelines and developing important relationships with the entire team.

Planning & Programming
• Understand Vision
• Real Estate and Facilities Evaluation
• Growth Projection
• Facility Needs Assessment
• Financial Analysis
• Conceptual Budget
• Master Planning


• Vision Integration
• Property Negotiations - Lease or Purchase
• Contract Negotiations - Avoidance/Resolution
• Schedule Control
• Design Phase Management - Civil/Architecture/Audio/Visual
• Property Entitlements - Zoning/Variances/ETC
• Bidding and Project Materials Procurement
• Detailed Project Budget
• Project Funding - Secure Financing

Construction Management
• Construction Meetings & Quality Control
• Manage Construction Schedule
• Project Reporting
• Pay Application Review
• Procure Owner Furnished Items Furniture
• Transition To Occupancy
• Close out
• Post Occupancy Evaluation

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